I am Phoebe, and/or Paige, and I just moved to Seattle from the mitten. And I don’t exactly know how to write an “about me” section without it sounding like an OkCupid Profile. But I will continue anyway. Since coming to Seattle, I have learned a lot about solo-travel & how to meet friends and people without the buffer of having your best friends at your side, and I have also learned: how to play cribbage, that science majors in the west call Orgo, “O-Chem,” that Bio majors aren’t the most conducive to finding jobs, that apparently Portland’s strip clubs serve great steak, that sometimes the people you meet in a flower shop on your street will end up being some of the best people, and so much more.


Also shout-out to my homies from UMich


From Left to Right: Jersey, Frankie, Phoebe, Abu, and Lamerson Cooper

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