Phoebe, Bomm-Bomm & the Gang do Sports Ball

It’s been a hot minute since I’ve posted. And while most of you might think it’s because I’ve found my Tindered Spirit, it’s actually because I found the show True Detective. I just couldn’t stop. Anyway, I’m finished with that for the time being, so I’ll give you a little update about the first half of my weekend.

Let’s start on Friday. Friday night, I heavily lobbied for going to Nacho Borracho to start the night off. Which, as always, was a really solid move. And I ordered an Avocado Marg & Totachos, because, so good. And then we headed to the Unicorn. Which is a super Cap Hill bar. And Bomm-Bomm, Alex and I took SO MANY PRETTY PICTURES. Just look:


Not too shabby. From left to right: Phoebe, Alex and Bomm-Bomm


And then I got pretty into modeling, and went for the effortlessly beautiful, ‘blurred hand behind the head’ pose


And then I tried the awkward lean pose (instant classic)


Which, naturally, turned into this.


And then I regained my composure and decided to ruin yet another picture with only one half of my face


And then that damn flash brought out my Blue Steel (And Alex’s)

And that’s all she wrote. About the Unicorn, at least.

But obviously, based on my title, most of you are probably tuning in to hear about Bomm-Bomm and Phoebe’s big day out to watch sports ball. And on Saturday’s sports ball agenda was the Mariners. And Bomm-Bomm and I were about this excited about watching the Mariner’s game:


We just couldn’t.

So we made our way over to Safeco Field for the big day. BUT. (and this is important) On Bomm-Bomm’s and my way over to the field we ran into a tour bus in front of a club in Capitol Hill called Neumos.  Said tour bus was swarming with teenage clones. And I didn’t get a picture because I was so overwhelmed and a little scared, but I’m serious about the clone thing. There were like 50 high school girls who looked like they robbed the same exact Urban Outfitter’s mannequin standing outside of a tour bus. And the tour bus read, “Kalin and Myles.” So of course, because Bomm Bomm and I are trying to stay hip and with the times, we looked them up, only to find this beaut.

So here are four things I just want to focus on with regard to this whole Kalin and Myles business. 1.) How, and I quote from about every other word in the song, “turnt” they are. 2.) Myles is spending almost the entire music video getting a Macklemore haircut. 3.) Their tour is called the, “Chasing Dreams Tour” and 4.) 1:01 in the video.

LOL. Let’s move on.


We got a little distracted on the way and stopped into Elysian Brewery on the way to the game. And sat in this little nook, that looked very VIP to a pretty poor human, like me. And by VIP, I mean there were fish tanks. The whole encounter felt very rags to fishes. Bad joke. Moving on again.IMG_4950 IMG_4949

And then we walked to the game.

IMG_4953 IMG_4955

And Bomm-Bomm and I found our seats. And we were SO ready to watch some sports ball.

IMG_4972 IMG_4966 IMG_4958

So after being avid Mariner’s fans, we decided to meet back up with the gang at the beer garden at the bottom of the sixth.

And if you think, for even just a minute, that Phoebe’s gang isn’t as cool as Kalin and Myles, you are wrong okay. You’re just wrong. Look below for how simultaneously hip and gangster they can be. (Note: the du-rags may or may not be the free Mariners towels provided to us at the door. And it’s still very Wutang of them to wear #blessed #turnt #KalinandMyles)

IMG_4987    IMG_4994 IMG_4993

And, no, we might not attract teenage clones as fans. But we do attract really nice ladies like this:


oh snap, here comes a fan

IMG_4986 IMG_4985 IMG_4984

So take that Kalin and Myles. Anyway. I don’t know why I got so fixated on that. What happened next is Ross bought cotton candy and turned everyone’s teeth blue. The effect was something like this:

Well, maybe it was more like this:




And I’m really trying to think of a way to make this whole post come together and have some deeper meaning about post millenial rap stars, friends, beer, baseball and cotton candy. BUT writers block. So instead, I will leave you with the next best thing. Which is, of course, a Sportsball information station on a Segway.


#prayerhands #blessed

And I actually changed my mind and decided to end this post with a flashback video of my own dear family on segways from June of 2013.

You are all very welcome.

God Bless,


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