A Thrown-back Thursday

It started raining today in Seattle. A statement to which, I would assume, the general public would respond, “Thank you Captain Obvious.” Except, it really hasn’t been raining since I moved to Seattle, and I guess the way weather patterns work around here, it really doesn’t start raining until summer is over. And that’s when I got all nostalgic and sad and realized that somehow summer is over. And if I wasn’t an old maiden these days, I would be back at college, dancing on tables and drinking the glorified hooch that the kids these days call, “Jungle Juice.” It would look something like this:

pregame paige

Phoebe cerca 2010

But, somehow, 2010 turned into 2014, and June turned into September, and in a passage of time that feels as quick as my first college game of flip cup, I find myself on a completely new adventure, living in Seattle (in the fall). And I think when it started raining today, there was a feeling that stuck in the air, about as much as the frizz from my bad hair day did, that this isn’t just another study abroad trip or summer job. This is my new home. And that is awesome, bittersweet, weird and exciting all at the same time. So if you all haven’t jumped in front of buses at what a total Nostalgic Nancy I’ve been so far, I promise this rainy day post is generally pretty sunny.

And where I want to direct this post to now, is my best memories of summer, beginning with the end of my time in Michigan with my best friends in the widest of worlds, to my new home, here in Seattle. And as much as I am ashamed that I am joining the horrendously overdone bandwagon of throwback Thursday, I think since Phoebegoeswest.com has not been around as long as Phoebe has been west, it seems like the right thing to do.

So starting from the end of my collegiate career, here is good ole memory número uno:

1.) Graduation Time 


From left to right: Lady Bligh (Abby), Phoebe (Paige), Jersey (Cassey), Lamey (Amy), and Frankie (Jannelle)                     Photo Cred: Our Dear Friend Shmelsea


Photo Cred: Our Dear Friend Shmelsea


Photo Cred: Our Dear Friend Shmelsea


Photo Cred: Our Dear Friend Shmelsea

So I’m all waterworks over here looking at these pics again. I was super lucky to get to spend my last year of lollege living with my best friends and partners in crime. I cannot freaking wait until we can once more reunite and submerge underground into the sweaty dungeon that is Rick’s American Cafe and hit the dance stage. But because I’m on a sappy role, I would like to elaborate on how great my pals are.

Lady Bligh/ Abu Congdon and I met in Organic Chemistry lab sophomore year, and it was one of the most goddamn lucky things that ever happened to me. Somehow, even though we arguably might have been underprepared for approximately every lab, we managed to be like the only 2 students in the class who's experiments  ever actually worked,  (we are still uncertain as to why), and when that happened we would spend the rest of class eating food at the bake sales that were always happening in the Chemistry Building. And it only got better from there.

Lady Bligh/ Abu Congdon and I met in Organic Chemistry lab sophomore year, and it was one of the most splendid, game-changing things that has ever happened to me. Somehow, even though we arguably might have been underprepared for approximately every lab, we managed to be like the only 2 students in the whole class whose experiments ever actually worked,(we are still uncertain as to why). And when that happened we would spend the rest of class eating food at the bake sales that were always happening in the Chemistry Building. And our best friendship only got better from there.


The Molinas (Frankie/Jannelle in the middle, Shmesshica/Jessica on the right). I don’t even know where to begin with these two. Let’s see. I first met Jessica Freshman year of college, and quickly fell in love. And apparently it was mutual, because a few weeks later she abducted me while I was studying with my calculus group. And I give her mad props for being my friend, because I was still at a point in my life where I thought that this would be a perfect outfit for a night on the town (See photo below)

sweater vest

Really cool T-shirt/sweater vest combo, I know. Anyway, now that I’m sufficiently embarrassed, I would like to continue on bragging about how good my friends are. And the next friend I would like to introduce is my dear, dear partner in crime Frankie, to whom I owe my own nickname, Phoebe. And I think eventually I will need to do a full write up on that lil shit I call my best frand because it will make my blog name and a lot of things make more sense. I think. So anyway, this is Frankie on graduation.


Next in line is Lamey. And Lamey will always hold such a special place in my ole corazon because she was really there for me when shit got real my freshman year of college. She was also my first friend that I met in college- in Wei Zhang’s Calculus/Mandarin 1 course, and she has always been a person that I can tell literally anything to. And bless her soul because she has probably had SO MANY seriously TMI Phoebe moments, but she never judges me and I always feel like I picked a real warm fuzzy after our chats.


Don’t mind my hair

So I could expand on my friends so much more, but I have to focus on the meat and potatoes of this post which is where I show you my favorite memories of summer. So now that I have moved past my time in Michigan, here begins my memories since embarking west.

2. The car ride west with Kev

Kev-man, aka my dad, is the coolest. Like he’s really the coolest. He’s pretty damn goony at times, but I consider him my best friend, and we share the same taste in music (and his musical knowledge is off the chain) and humor and so much more, and I am really so lucky to call him dad. –I’d like to pause and say wowie wowie I don’t know why I have so many feels going on today, but just go with my sappiness– So anyway, when I found out that I was going to be going on a 39 hour car ride, and he was going to be my companion, I was pretty stoked. There are few people in this world who can actually get me geeked about going to the Corn Palace in Mitchell, South Dakota, and, well, Kev is one of them. So here’s our roadtrip.

the beginning. drink that coffee, dad, it's going to be a long ride

the beginning. drink that coffee, dad, it’s going to be a long ride

The Bad Lands

The Bad Lands

IMG_4267 IMG_4325 IMG_4357 IMG_4382
Our last stop to Seattle

Our last stop to Seattle

So by the time we reached Seattle, our photo game was really on a roll. And we decided that obviously the next move would be to bring our tourist A-game to the new town.

IMG_4422 IMG_4409

Welp, I put those on the world wide web forever. Who knows- Maybe Kev and I will be featured in the next awkward family photo book. Big break anyone?!

3. My Birthday

Of COURSE my birthday made the list of all things awesome. So for my birthday, I decided to be all PNW and buy myself some hiking boots. Let me revise that, my parents bought me some hiking boots- thanks padres. And I went for my first real hike out here, and it was a game changer.

IMG_4580 IMG_4566

AND THEN. I got home and a man came to my door asking where Phoebe was. And I was so utterly confused, because I wasn’t aware that I had friends in Seattle yet, let alone ones that knew of Phoebe. But turns out he was a pizza man, bringing me a special pizza from Frankie and Jess!


And I should also shout out to my roommates and their friends who threw me a mojito party. And to Linda, who gave me a giant chocolate cake, which I made my 3 square meals for the next week. #fitness

4. Cribbage with Jeremy

One of the first people I met when I moved to Seattle is Jeremy, who is a barista at Victrola coffee on my street



And Jeremy is one of the most interesting people to talk to. He is super smart, and knows a shit ton about symbols and philosophy, and he is also a very talented musician. So one day, shortly after I moved here, he invited me to play cribbage at Volunteer Park, which is just down the road. And I was totally stoked because 1.) I made a friend, and 2.) I hadn’t played croquet since I was a kid and I was pumped. –Did you catch that I said croquet just there? Yeah, totally different than cribbage. Which is a math based card game. So you can imagine my shock when I arrived at Volunteer Park ready to mallot away, only to learn that cribbage was in fact a card game. But eventually I got the hang of it, and it is so fun.


5.  The day I went to the beach with Dallas

Madison Park Beach is the greatest people watching beach spot ever. It is full of children, families, and plenty of things children should never see. One day while at Madison Park Beach with friends, someone who will always hold a significant part in my first summer in Seattle, stumbled upon the blanket where we were sitting. And that person is Dallas. That night we ended up staying at Madison Park Beach until sunset, and everyone else played guitars and sang. And I sat and occasionally hummed, because that’s about all I can bring to the musical table these days. I should also note that Dallas is also an incredibly gifted musician, and has a way of bringing people together with his gift. Don’t believe me? Check it out here.  Anyway, about a month after that first meeting at Madison Park Beach, we went back with a couple of friends, and it was just one of those perfect summer days with nothing to do and nowhere to be, except exactly where we already were.

Photo credit goes to Dylan- I stole it from his insta

Photo credit goes to Dylan- I stole it from his insta

6. The day I met the owners at Flowers on 15th

Flowers on 15th is this adorable flower shop on my street that I had meant to pop inside from the day I set foot in Seattle, but I didn’t get around to actually going in until last month. And I’m SO glad I did.  Carolyn and Alex, who run the place, could not have been more genuine and kind people. I don’t even think I had realized how much I was starting to get a little homesick when I walked into the store, and they immediately made it feel like a home on my street.  Alex even gave me a pretty little plant that is still sitting in my windowsill. And as it turns out, Alex is from Grand Rapids, MI too, and we ended up having a wonderful chat. And I left all blubbery and happy that good people like them exist. Small world. Great people. Gorgeous flowers.

IMG_4756 IMG_4758

7. The day my best friend ever came to visit: “YES, SHE DID”

I can’t even express how excited I was when my favorite little goober came to visit Seattle.  Where to begin with Maeve. Well, for starters, I usually call her Mushu, because she wouldn’t stop watching Mulan cerca 2000. And we also have a tendency to create some really funny to us, obnoxious to the general public, one-liner inside jokes that we are not afraid to use over and over and over. I guess this trip, the phrase that was running like a broken record was, “Yes, she does,” (said in our best Bob Dylan singing voice). And that started, because upon picking Maeve up from the airport, “Just Like a Woman,” by Bob came on- listen to the song if you aren’t following here- and I proceeded to ask Maeve if she was hungry and wanted to get food, to which she responded in a long Dylan drawl, “Yes I dooooo.”

So our conversations for the next three days went something like this:

“Mushu, do you want to wake up early tomorrow and go to the Market?”

“Yes she doeeessss”


“Did you guys want to place that pizza order for delivery?”

“Yes we doooo”

You get the idea.

IMG_7900 IMG_4835             And while she was here we had a photoshoot

Phoebe photography

Phoebe photography

Phoebe photography

Phoebe photography

And she’s so pretty and just the best.

8. The first time I tried an Avocado Margarita. You heard right. 

So by this point in time, if you have even made it here, you are probably concerned about what a rainy day sap ball I’m being. Which is why I am going to clinch this memorabilia in true-to-Phoebe-form. And that is by concluding with the day I found Nacho Borracho. And you are probably also thinking, ‘wow Phoebe, that’s a rather fat ass way to end.’ And I completely agree, and would like to draw your attention to two very important things about Nacho Borracho. 1.) Avocado Margaritas 2.) Totachos. (That’s TATOR TOT NACHOS people. I repeat. TATOR TOT NACHOS)



You are welcome for that. Visit me in Seattle and totachos on me.

Peace, Love, and Pizza/Totachos,



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